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Click above to issue our solicitor's Notice of Final Demand to the debtor for just $40.00 (plus GST). If the debtor pays, that is all it costs you! You should have first made a demand on the debtor and been refused payment.You may have done that by telephone or by letter or you may have previously paid us to send a Notice of Final Demand.


Click above to commence legal action against the debtor in order to force payment. Our system with automatically quote you for our $130.00 (Plus GST) fee plus the government fees and charges that will be incurred to commence action. Once you accept the quote we will commence legal action and then invoice you for the quote which you are required to pay within 7 days.




Terms and Conditions

Solicitor's Costs Agreement

You should read this costs agreement carefully and print it out for your own records.

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How Does It Work?

The debtcollect system has been developed and optimised to provide a most affordable legal service for the collection of personal and business debts in the State of N.S.W.



debtcollect is not a commercial agency so we don't charge any commission on what we collect for you!

Final Demand

We have a solicitor post a special letter to the debtor under the solicitor's letterhead demanding payment by a specified date.

Immediate Legal Action

To commence legal action to collect a debt from debtor, you automatically have the benefit of our Limited Legal Fee Scheme.

Uncontested Action

The administrative costs of having a solicitor prepare, file and serve a Statement of Claim (commonly known as a "summons")


Disbursements are the required external expenses involved, other than solicitor's costs involved when taking legal action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about how the system works, please visit our FAQ page where you will find such topics as:

  • What should I do before trying to collect a debt?
  • What if I don't know where the debtor is?
  • How can debtcollectcharge such low fees?

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